Real-time Voice Controlled Meeting Assistant and Analytics

Year: 2016

I contributed to a 5 person project aimed at building an artificially intelligent assistant integrated with the Amazon Echo to provide real-time assistance during meetings. This project satisfied the requirements of the two-quarter Stanford University course CS210: Software Project Experience with Corporate Partner taught by Jay Borenstein. My team was advised by Basil Hashem of VMWare and collaborated with members of the VMWare AirWatch organization.

Our product, the “Facet Echo”, integrated seamlessly with the Amazon Echo to provide real-time assistance during meeting with a voice controlled interface. The assistant could aggregate and organize the audio-to-text transcribed notes and action items captured during the meeting into a web-based dashboard for analysis and review. The system also surfaced advanced insights such as an audio-based sentiment and energy score. The Facet Echo provided the tools necessary for effective meeting management.

Team members

Luda Zhao, Gaspar Garcia, Dylan Moore, Vivian Hare.


  • Python
  • Javascript